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Why Be a Mentor?

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These mentoring programs have a big effect … in having children go to school, keeping them in school, and promoting their absorption into society as full-functioning healthy members.
Nobel Prize Winner


Mentoring is a relationship by which one person shares knowledge, skills, information, and perspective to foster the personal and professional growth of someone else. Mentoring can be either informal (whereby an older person typically takes a younger person under his wing and advises him or her) or a more formal or structured approach.

In formal mentoring programs, a person (mentor) is matched with another person (mentee) to help with advice on leadership development and life and career decisions. Mentoring involves teaching, coaching, and helping to build a high degree of confidence in the mentee.

The term originates from the epic poem The Odyssey, in which Homer tells of Odysseus, King of Ithaca, who went to fight in the Trojan War and entrusted the care of his kingdom to Mentor, who served as the teacher of Odysseus' son, Telemachus.

The mentor serves as a kind of guide or advisor in helping the mentee resolve issues in her life. She also provides encouragement and helps the mentee to believe in herself and boost her self-confidence.


Participants see improved school performance:

  • higher grades (GPA)
  • fewer skipped classes
  • fewer absences
  • completing schoolwork with more competence

Additional positive effects include:

  • decreased incidence of drug and alcohol use
  • decreased incidence of violent behavior
  • improved peer relationships
  • improved family relationships


Our mentors are a diverse group of women ranging in age from 25 to 70, and they represent a wide spectrum of life and career paths. As leaders in their professions and their communities, they offer mentees strong role models.

The careers represented in our mentor pool include:

  • Financial advisor
  • College professor and administrator
  • Teacher and retired teacher
  • Public health nurse
  • Attorney
  • Real estate agent
  • Designer


  • Commits to forming a mutual relationship with a mentee
  • Commits for a 12-month minimum
  • Commits to staying in touch by phone or email
  • Commits to arranging regular meetings
  • Commits to exploring the community
  • Commits to encouraging positive relationships


  1. The person you mentor will profit enormously. She can learn from your experience, and she is eager to do so.

  2. You will learn from the experience, as well as feel proud and feel a sense of satisfaction. By acting as a mentor, you will also learn more about yourself.

  3. You may have received good advice and guidance from someone acting as a mentor in your own life, and this is the opportunity for you to give back to someone else. You can be a positive influence on your mentee.

  4. Being a mentor is a special experience. You will make the world a better place. By reaching out and giving of your time to help others, to share your own experience and wisdom, you can do your part to change the world, one girl at a time.

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